Puzzle Bundle

So you simply want all the puzzles in the webshop? That’s exactly what the Puzzle Bundle is for!

With the Puzzle Bundle you get:


EVERY PUZZLE available in the dungeonvault.com webshop at the moment of purchase* in a SINGLE BUNDLE.


Sometimes a couple of puzzles just isn’t enough. You want to fill your campaign world with hundreds of unique and richly illustrated puzzles. For a full list:

  • Dungeon Puzzles
  • Lock Puzzles
  • Rune Puzzles
  • Runestone Puzzles
  • Potion Puzzles
  • Floor Puzzles
  • Laser Puzzles: Fantasy edition
  • Laser Puzzles: Scifi edition
  • Wilderness Puzzles
  • Elemental Puzzles
  • Door Puzzles
  • Angels and Demons Puzzles
  • The Book of Puzzles: Compagnion Guide

The Puzzle Bundle offers you all the puzzles you’ll need for a lifetime of GMing. Both in TT and VTT format.

*Purchasing this product does not include future products that might be added to this webshop after purchase.

Please make sure you have 500 MB of disk space available on your computer before purchasing this bundle.