Is D&D fun? 8 Ways to Decide if D&D is for You

Is D&D fun? Dungeons and Dragons is played by over 13 million people from ages 6 and up. It appeals to many players for a variety of reasons such as the storytelling, world-building, simulated combat, magic, having fun with friends, and escapism. But it is fun for you?

D&D Tile Puzzles and Terrain Puzzles: An Epic Guide

There are three types of tile and terrain puzzles for Dungeons & dragons: Terrain Tile Puzzles Dungeon Tile Puzzles Wall and Floor Tile Puzzles In this article we’ll explore all sorts of tile and terrain puzzles. I’ll be using my illustrated tile puzzles to demonstrate the concepts, but the ideas can be easily transferred to … Read more

D&D Library and Book Puzzles (with free puzzle)

You are looking for a way to include puzzles in your library or on books. I have just the thing! Here are six puzzle setups for bookwurms. 1. Enter the Library Puzzle The first puzzle in this list is a free puzzle I designed. Players must solve the puzzle on the double library doors to … Read more

D&D Puzzles For Large Groups: Go Big or Go Home

Running a D&D puzzle can be challenging, and running a large group can also be difficult. To do both well simultaneously is no small feat. But these tips will make it a LOT easier! Here are my top tips for running puzzles for large groups in a fun and easy way: 1. Engage Everyone One … Read more

D&D Puzzles: The Very Best Puzzles According to Players

Puzzles are a long time staple of D&D. Whether it’s cracking a cipher, solving a mystery, or unlocking a treasure chest. Puzzles add fun and challenge to your campaign. But with so many clever puzzles out there which ones do you choose? I’ve been designing puzzles professionally for over a decade. In my opinion, the … Read more

D&D Puzzle Generator: Create Puzzles in Seconds

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just push a button to generate a D&D puzzle that is fully illustrated and ready to use? Well, unfortunately, I don’t have such a generator. But I do have an alternative D&D puzzle generator that works just as well, but cooler. Intrigued? Okay, I’ll spill the magic beans. … Read more

D&D Puzzle Rooms and Escape Rooms That Actually Work

A puzzle room in D&D is a singular room that holds multiple puzzles which are all somehow interconnected. Solving one puzzle will lead to the clues needed to solve the next, until the last puzzle yields the big outcome players were searching for. Here’s how to create them