D&D Chest Puzzles: (With Puzzle Box Guide)

Chest puzzles are one of my favourite puzzles to put into a Dungeons & Dragons game. I mean, a big part of the reason players enter the dungeons and face the dragons is because of the treasure chests hold at the end of it. And what better way to secure that treasure than by placing … Read more

Urban Puzzles for Dungeons & Dragons: A City Guide

Urban settings offer discovery and excitement for players. Everything in a city is condensed into a great cacophony of sound, sight, and smells. With adventure around every corner, you would expect cities to be bustling with puzzles as well. But dungeon masters often only place puzzles outside cities. And that is a missed opportunity in … Read more

D&D Cipher and Code Puzzles: Four Quick Methods

Puzzles involving a cipher or code have many benefits for use in your Dungeons & Dragons game. They are very quick to create for one thing. And with the method I’ll show you in this article, you can create a cipher puzzle in under five minutes. Cipher and code puzzles also tie to the story … Read more

Using D&D Puzzles for World-building and Lore (With Examples)

D&D Puzzles as Rule Systems for building your campaign world. When using puzzles in Dungeons & Dragons you can either go small or go big. Most Dungeon masters go small. Meaning, they only use puzzles to lock doors or treasure chests. And that’s a shame, because they are missing out on the grand opportunities that … Read more

D&D Puzzles for Solo Play or Small Groups

When you’re playing Dungeons & Dragons by yourself or with a small group it can be hard to keep things interesting. This is especially true if you have to come up with the challenges you wish to solve yourself as a solo player. But small groups can also find it difficult to have to come … Read more