D&D Ice Puzzles: A Frosty Guide

In this article we’ll look at some different ice puzzles you can drop into your D&D game to change it up. But what makes ice puzzles different from other puzzles?

D&D Puzzle Rooms and Escape Rooms That Actually Work

A puzzle room in D&D is a singular room that holds multiple puzzles which are all somehow interconnected. Solving one puzzle will lead to the clues needed to solve the next, until the last puzzle yields the big outcome players were searching for. Here’s how to create them

D&D Puzzles for Mazes and Labyrinths (with free puzzle)

Having your D&D players navigate a maze literally puts them in the middle of a puzzle. Instead of only encountering puzzles along their way, the setting IS the puzzle. And if you combine the puzzle labyrinth with placing additional puzzles along their path, that is even better.