D&D Mechanical Puzzles: The Complete Lever and Gear Guide

Using Gears and levers in your Dungeons & Dragons puzzles is a sure party favorite. Mechanical D&D puzzles even ranked fourth in our survey of best puzzles. The basics of mechanical puzzle design are simple. You pull a lever or turn a dial and something changes that brings the party one step closer to their … Read more

D&D Library and Book Puzzles: 5 Classic Challenges

Puzzles in Dungeons & Dragons appeal to our scholarly side. So putting puzzles in an ancient library is a perfect match. You can even place D&D puzzles in books or on book covers. The trick with great library puzzles is that every step the players wish to take should become a puzzle challenge. From entering … Read more

8 Bad D&D Puzzles Your Players Will Hate

Bad D&D puzzles are unfortunately very common. And they are usually something the DM enjoys but the players do not. Still it’s fun reading about the terrible, dare I say merciless,  ideas DMs come up with to torment their players. And you learn what not to do. So let’s get into it. 8. Puzzles that … Read more

D&D Graveyard Puzzles: Enter the Catacombs

There is something about graveyards that just screams Dungeons and Dragons. Maybe it’s all the undead in D&D. Maybe it’s all the dungeons that fit so nicely beneath a graveyard. In any case, it just works. But what about using puzzles in a graveyard? Well, that also works great. So here are a couple of … Read more

D&D Light and Mirror Puzzles

The light and mirror puzzle is a classic found in many fantasy computer games. But will they work just as well in your D&D game? The short answer is yes. You can simply copy and paste light and mirror puzzles from your computer game and put them in your D&D game. Players activate the light … Read more

Light and Darkness D&D Puzzles: Angels and Demons

Since the beginning of Dungeons and Dragons an eternal war between good and evil, light and darkness has been brewing in the multiverse. It certainly has been the backdrop for – dare I say – most old school D&D campaigns? But how do light and darkness work in Dungeons and Dragons, and how can you … Read more

Best D&D Chess Puzzles According to Players

When you introduce puzzles into your Dungeons and Dragons game, you want to make sure your players actually enjoy solving them. Chess puzzles have been popular for hundreds of years, so it stands to reason your players would enjoy them as well. Or do they? I set up a little experiment to test which type … Read more

Puzzle-solving Tips for D&D Players

So your dungeon master decided to throw a puzzle at your party. And now it is up to your group to solve it. But where do you start? Here are my top tips for solving puzzles in Dungeons and Dragons. 1. Share the puzzle with the whole table The number one mistake I see players … Read more

Dungeons & Dragons: 9 Classic Non-combat Challenges

In Dungeons and Dragons most of the game mechanics are oriented towards combat. But D&D offers a wide assortment of non-combat challenges to add variety to your game. In fact, the Dungeon Master Guide mentions three pillars of adventuring: The first is combat. But the second and third are social interaction and exploration. You could … Read more

Unique D&D Temple and Moral Puzzles 

Temples hold deep religious meaning for divine casters in your party where they contemplate moral puzzles. So in this article, I’ll explore how to set up moral puzzles in temples and we’ll check out other temple puzzles as well.