TOKENS Barbarians

Low resolution samples. Get high resolution in the pack.

Barbarians… We know you believe us simple and you think yourselves better than us with your inventions and book-smarts. But we honor our ancestors and we know our place in the world while you have forgotten and take what is not yours. Nothing about what we do is simple or easy.

This pack comes with:

Tokens Barbarians contains a total of 40 character token portraits. 10 different portraits each come with 1 unpainted face and 3 painted face versions in various formats.

  • 40 animated tokens for virtual tabletops in .webm format.
  • 40 non-animated tokens for virtual tabletops in .jpg format.
  • A card deck of 40 printable 3 inch tokens cards in .pdf format.
  • 40 printable 1 inch tokens in .pdf format.

TOKENS Barbarians allows you to create a card deck to draw from with matching tokens for tabletop play and even animated tokens for virtual tabletop play.

Barbarians use different colour face paints for various occasions such as going to war, observing holy peace time, or anything that fits your story.

Are you ready to lead the Horde to Victory?