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When the body dies the soul moves on. But I cannot leave this material realm behind just yet. For the injustices have not been set straight and the price has not been met. And I will haunt here until they are.

This pack comes with:

Tokens Ghosts contains 30 character token portraits in various formats.

  • 30 animated tokens for virtual tabletops in .webm format.
  • 30 non-animated tokens for virtual tabletops in .jpg format.
  • A card deck of 30 printable 3-inch tokens cards in .pdf format.
  • 30 printable 1 inch tokens in .pdf format.

TOKENS Ghosts allows you to create a card deck to draw from with matching tokens for tabletop play and even animated tokens for virtual tabletop play.

An instruction manual offers more suggestions on building round ghost characters and learn what it truly means to be a ghost.