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NPCs… They are who make your campaign come alive. Whether it’s the main villain of your story, a generous barmaid, or even the mysterious wanderer you meet on the road. NPCs are how your players connect to your story. It is who they love, hate, envy, emulate, respect, or despise. If you wish to create lasting emotions and bonds in your campaign, having a great cast of NPCs is essential.

Tokens NPCs is a complete guidebook on running NPCs in your game that are both alive and memorable in your players’ minds. You learn how to use flat, round, and dynamic characters to maximum effect.

But that’s not all. Here are some highlights:

TOKENS NPCs contains 60 character token portraits in various formats.

  • 60 animated tokens for virtual tabletops in .webm format.
  • 60 non-animated tokens for virtual tabletops in .jpg format.
  • A card deck of 60 printable 3-inch tokens cards in .pdf format.
  • 60 printable 1 inch tokens in .pdf format.

This Starter Pack contains a good mix of NPCs and allows you to create a card deck to draw from with matching tokens for tabletop play and even animated tokens for virtual tabletop play.

Other packs in the TOKENS series are more specific so if you are just getting started this would be the one to get first.