World Bundle

“The World Bundle nets you every GM tool I’ve created to help make your worldbuilding easy and inspiring.”

There’s nothing wrong with slaying dragons but sometimes players want new challenges. But how do you run a political campaign? And how do you use prophecies and divination in your game in a way that drives the story forward? And what about using riddles more effectively?

Each product in this collection is designed to take one aspect of worldbuilding that GMs often struggle with and make it effortless while keeping the focus on fast mechanics, in depth roleplaying, and exhilaration.

So what’s in the World Bundle?

  • The World Bundle contains the top 1% drivethrurpg bestselling book ‘The Prepless GM’ which teaches to you how to run a game without any prep work. If you like to prep you still can but do so in minutes instead of hours.
  • And the ‘Game of Shields’ offers a complete system for running political campaigns.
  • Want to add prophecies, tarot, or riddles to your campaign that actually work? There’s a couple of products for doing that.
  • And with the ‘Murder in the Monastery’ adventure you can start running a murder mystery in minutes.
  • Bugs is a collection of bug tokens and comes with a lots of suggestions for play.

For a full list:

  • The Prepless GM
  • Game of Shields
  • The Deck of 101 Prophecies
  • The Deck of 101 Riddles
  • Fortuneteller Tarot
  • Murder in the Monastery
  • Bugs!

The World Bundle offers you all the GM tools you need to take your story in new directions. These tools are designed to help you become a better GM.