Angels and Demons Puzzles


Angels and Demons Puzzles can be dropped into any campaign where light and darkness, good and evil, are caught in an eternal battle.

How it works:

The eternal war between angels and demons leaves entire worlds in ruins as collateral damage. To protect our world from this disastrous fate ancient beings, long ago, have constructed temples dedicated to neutrality and balance.

Each temple contains a magical mosaic where light and darkness exist in balance. The magic within in these mosaics creates a barrier that protects the world from the eternal war.

But the forces of Good and Evil are constantly expanding their battlefield and the tiles that once protected our world are starting to come loose. Players must find and restore the mosaics to shore up their magic.

You can have fixing these puzzle be part of your main storyline where the fate of the world rests in the players hands. But you can also use them in a more gradual, subtle way where both good and evil acts are more prevalent in places where the barrier is weak. Here, people tend to become more zealously good or viciously evil. Players can restore balance to each area by finding its local ancient temple and restoring the puzzle.


  • Angels and Demons Puzzles comes with 25 puzzles.
  • Designed for cooperative play.
  • Tips on how to challenge both players and their characters.
  • Very quick to set up and play.
  • Angels and Demons Puzzles works with any gaming system.