BUGS! Over 60 colorful insects:
Show your players what a plague looks like or simply bug them with these creepy crawlies. All bugs come in three colors. One color is the insect’s natural color. The other colors could represent magical or rare members of the species.

Suggestions for play:

  • Either shrink characters in size or increase the size of your bugs.
  • Have colors correspond with powers, immunities and vulnerabilities. For instance, a blue spider could have an ice attack power, immunity to weapon damage, and vulnerability to fire damage.
  • Collect insects, catch them all! The most colorful bugs are rare.
  • Let bugs chance color as they attain new powers or after a certain amount of hp is lost.
  • Collect bugs as ingredients for magical items. Hello chitin armor.
  • Use bugs as mounts. Be the talk of your druid’s circle as you ride in on your bullet ant.
  • Be a bug summoner! It’s not evil… Technically.

Bugs! comes with tabletop and virtual tabletop images.