Deck of 101 Prophecies

Some of the greatest fantasy novels we know and love, revolve around a grand prophecy. But RPG’s are different from novels, and without a good system, prophecies can be difficult to handle.

With the Deck of 101 Prophecies, players get to draw a prophecy. It’s their job to decide what the prophecy means to their character and to make it relevant to the story. The GM can sit back and let the players find hidden meaning in the prophecy. This way players get a real say in how they would like their characters to evolve, and they will never feel railroaded.

The better a player succeeds at tying events in the story to their prophecy, the greater the rewards the GM offers.

This pack comes with:

  • An extensive instruction manual about using prophecies in RPGs
  • A printable deck with 101 prophecy cards for table top play.
  • A digital deck with 101 prophecy cards for virtual tabletops.

The Deck of 101 Prophecies works with any gaming system.