Deck of 101 Riddles

In need of a Riddle? Here are a 101 play-tested riddles for your convenience. Simply pull a riddle from your deck and you’re ready to go.

How it works:
All riddles in this deck are comprised of two words that mean something on their own or form an expression, like: fireball, fool’s gold or touch wood.

Draw a riddle from the deck and speak the following words:
“The two secret words in these lines won’t easily yield.
Find them, combine them, and the answer will be unsealed.”

Each riddle contains two cryptic lines which describe the two words. Different words for ‘sack’ could be: bag, carryall, purse, etc. A ‘tobacco-burner’ could be a: cigarette, pipe, cigar, etc.

On their own cryptic words have many meanings, but combine two words and there can only be one correct answer. For instance, while ‘purse’ and ‘cigar’ are both options, no one’s ever heard a purse-cigar. But ‘bag’ and ‘pipe’ do make up the combined word bagpipe. There is usually only one correct answer to each riddle.

This pack comes with:

  • A short instruction manual.
  • 101 printable riddles for table tops.
  • 101 digital riddles for virtual table tops.

The Deck of 101 Riddles works with any gaming system.