Door Puzzles


Door Puzzles can change any door into a challenging puzzle at a moment’s notice. Simply place the puzzle image over a door and your done. There are 20 premade puzzles in the pack and the means to quickly create infinite puzzles of various sizes yourself. I’ve designed this one to be quick and easy.

How it works:

When players come across a door puzzle they must find the key pieces and fill out the 7 by 7 inch square. Sounds easy, right? Instead of giving players the exact amount of key pieces they need to solve this puzzle. They get more key pieces than they know what to do with. And this makes solving door puzzles a lot more difficult.

Still, all key pieces have a distinctive symmetrical shape. By using this information players can reason out exactly where key pieces go. There’s a lot more logical reasoning going on than you would suspect.


  • Door puzzles comes with 20 premade puzzles and solutions.
  • You can easily create an infinite amount of puzzles yourself of any size.
  • Designed for cooperative play.
  • Works with fantasy, steampunk, and scifi themes.
  • Easy to set up and run.
  • Both in printable format for table tops and in digital format for virtual table tops.
  • Door puzzles work with any gaming system.