Murder in the Monastery

A classic Whodunnit Adventure

Our Heroes are invited to the Monastery of Mystery to investigate the murder of Abbot Illius Greatsong. The priests of this monastery are famous for the keeping and uncovering of secrets. There are six suspects and only one murderer. But the priests – true to the God of Mystery they serve – will not yield their secrets easily. Can our heroes find the murderer? Or will the mystery of the abbot’s demise remain a secret?

Solving the murder mystery will surely be rewarded with answers to some of the questions heroes hold.


  • This adventure module is designed for characters of all levels.
  • Can be used with any gaming system and any setting.
  • In tabletop and virtual tabletop format.
  • Solving the murder should take about two sessions.
  • The adventure involves no combat but offers a lot of different puzzles.
  • Most younger players will find some of these puzzles too difficult.