The Prepless GM

Tired of having to prep every game? Are you suffering from GM burnout? The Prepless GM has got you covered!

The Prepless Game Master is a complete toolset that allows you to run a game or campaign without any preparation.

You can just sit down and start playing whenever, wherever.

These tools will help you to effortlessly deal with the unexpected in a way that is exciting and drives the story forward. If you like preparing your games, the prepless GM will allow you to better deal with situations where players do not follow your carefully laid plans.

I know some GMs believe that you must always spend at least some time preparing for every game. But I’ve been running completely prepless games for over 20 years. And every time I came across a challenge – whether it was running a riddle, murder mystery, or even an escape room – I created a tool for running that story without any prep. The Prepless GM is the culmination of 20+ years of playtesting tools that will help any GM run a game on the fly.


  • Save hundreds of hours on tedious prep work.
  • Generate engaging stories on the fly.
  • 80+ pages of GM resources.
  • Can be used with any roleplaying system.
  • Over 20 years of playtesting. No tedious theory, only tricks and principles you can actually use.
  • For beginners and veterans: I promise it will make you a better GM