D&D Halloween and Horror Puzzles: A Creepy Guide

Do you want to scare your D&D players with a Halloween puzzle or horror puzzle that they will never forget? Then stick around. For in this ridiculously detailed guide for crafting terrifying D&D puzzles I’ll share my tricks for giving your players a spine-chilling scare.

D&D Statue Puzzles and Where To Find Them

If you are looking for a statue puzzle for your D&D game, you’re in luck. There aren’t that many resources for statue puzzles but I have just the thing. For all of you statue lovers, I’ve created a series of statue puzzles that you can use with D&D or any other type of RPG.

D&D Puzzle Props: a Buyer’s Guide

I’m a nut for D&D puzzle props. They can really give players a sense of immersion. A puzzle prop adds something new and exciting to your game that will even make the most seasoned veteran sit up and take notice.