Elemental Puzzles

Water, earth, fire, air…

Harness the powers of the four elements in this amazing puzzle! How you ask? Elemental Puzzles can be easily dropped onto any stone door (or floor). Using all four elements players can restore the delicate balance between fire, earth, water, and air. Only then will they be able to open the door.

But there’s more. You can also place these puzzles onto a dungeon or cave floor. In this setup. players actually transform their terrain to solve the puzzle by adding fire, wind, and water squares to the stone ground. This way, the solved puzzle floor doubles as terrain that’s ideal for combat encounters.

Imagine it: Your players find a puzzle etched into the floor of a dungeon room. They transform the floor, adding fire pits, water holes, and stationary whirlwinds. And just when they finish the puzzle, monsters attack. Can the players use the terrain they’ve created to their advantage?  Are they clever enough to hide behind the whirlwind to avoid arrows? Or how about shoving an enemy into a fire pit?


  • 30 Elemental Puzzles and their solutions.
  • For tabletop and virtual tabletop play.
  • Works with any gaming system.
  • Very versatile. Use these on doors, floors, or any stone object.
  • All players can work on the puzzle simultaneously.
  • Challenging, but not too difficult. The chances of getting stuck with this puzzle are slim to zero.
  • Four elemental hero tokens.
  • This pack comes with an instruction manual with a ton of suggestions and lore for integrating elemental puzzles into your campaign.


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