Floor Puzzles

“The four races of orc, elf, dwarf, and halfling stand apart. Each race proudly clings to their way of life and closely guarded secrets. In order to protect those secrets, every race has constructed magical floor puzzles. Only those who truly understand the essence of a race and its unique culture can find and walk the correct path along these floor puzzles. And only to those who walk the path successfully shall the doorway be revealed.

The key to finding the path is found in the most unlikely of places. For each race has developed a card game whose rules hold vital clues to understanding the path. Our heroes might run across these card games by accident, or they might have to search for them amongst the many taverns and campsites in your world.”

How it works

This pack contains four mini-card games. Playing a game only takes a couple of minutes. I designed the card games to add flavour, but not take away to much time from your overall game. The rules of the card games also help players to understand how they can navigate the twenty floor puzzles provided in this pack (five for each race).

Players might play a fun card game in a local tavern and later come across a floor puzzle in a dungeon. Only then will they realize that the rules of the innocent looking card game are vital to finding the path.

The four card games are:

Orc sword

“Considered a complex tactical game amongst Orc generals, Orc Sword teaches bravery and ferocity. To choose your direction, attack and never look back! Amongst other races, it is considered a children’s game.”

Elven Crown

“A game of Elven Crown encompasses the values of strategy and maneuvering. Elves understand that there is always another way. To keep your options open is to survive.” 

Dwarven Shield

“Unbending and dependable. These are the Dwarven values encompassed in Dwarven Shield. Dwarfs know there is strength in cooperation. They count on each other to keep from being pushed from the battlefield.”

Halfling’s Heart

“Lightheartedness and agility are values taught by the game Halfling’s Heart. The small must be quick and agile, stepping lightly and lively where others plough through.”

This pack comes with:

  • 4 card games
  • 1 game board
  • 1 bonus game: Goblin grab!
  • 20 puzzles
  • An instruction manual
  • Printable pdf’s for table tops and digital images for virtual tabletop play

You can drop floor puzzles onto any existing map or dungeon floor. Instantly change a room into a challenging puzzle! Floor puzzles work with any gaming system.

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