Laser Puzzles: Fantasy Edition

For centuries Statues of the Four Headed Lion, have appeared on ancient hillsides and in ruins long forgotten. Recently the statues have come alive!

How it works:

When our heroes approach a lion statue they hear four deep voices in their mind, speaking a number. Using this information they must learn how to connect lasers shooting from the statue’s eyes in a specific way. Doing so successfully will unlock a door, open a portal or reveal a clue.

This pack contains 30 puzzles of various difficulty level:

  • 3 easy 7×7 puzzles
  • 3 easy 10×10 puzzles
  • 3 easy 15×15 puzzles
  • 3 medium 7×7 puzzles
  • 3 medium 10×10 puzzles
  • 3 medium 15×15 puzzles
  • 3 hard 7×7 puzzles
  • 3 hard 10×10 puzzles
  • 3 hard 15×15 puzzles
  • 2 superpuzzles 20×20
  • 1 megapuzzle 25×25
  • Printable lion statues in 1 inch and 2 inch format for table tops
  • Digital images for virtual table tops

Laser puzzles work with any gaming system and can be instantly dropped into your game.

THIS IS THE FANTASY  EDITION OF LASER PUZZLES. For a scifi version, check out Laser Puzzles: Scifi Edition.

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