Laser Puzzles: Scifi Edition

Has your star cruiser taken damage? Do your cargo bay doors refuse to close? Or is your android on the fritz again? In scifi settings technology has a tendency to break down. But fear not! With Laser Puzzles: Scifi Edition you can give players a nice challenge to fix it!

How it works:

In the future computer chips communicate through laser beam technology, obviously. When things break down, players can fix it by reconnecting the laser beams. The number of laser beams that shoot out of each chip must be equal to the light bars on the chip. There is catch though. Laser beams must NEVER cross each other. Will your PC’s repair the ship before it gets sucked into that black hole?

You can impose a time limit to heighten the drama, have one player solve the puzzle while others fight to keep the Empire at bay, or have all players work on a puzzle simultaneously.

This pack contains 30 puzzles of various difficulty level:

  • 3 easy 7×7 puzzles
  • 3 easy 10×10 puzzles
  • 3 easy 15×15 puzzles
  • 3 medium 7×7 puzzles
  • 3 medium 10×10 puzzles
  • 3 medium 15×15 puzzles
  • 3 hard 7×7 puzzles
  • 3 hard 10×10 puzzles
  • 3 hard 15×15 puzzles
  • 2 superpuzzles 20×20
  • 1 megapuzzle 25×25
  • Printable laser chips in 1 inch and 2 inch format for table tops.
  • Digital images for virtual table tops.

Laser puzzles work with any gaming system and can be instantly dropped into your game.

THIS IS THE SCIFI  EDITION OF LASER PUZZLES. For the fantasy version, check out Laser puzzles: Fantasy Edition

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