Potion Puzzles

Discover secret recipes and ingredients, solve puzzles and concoct your own potions. With potion puzzles you can brew magic potions and enchant magic items of all kind. Players can also create inks, oils, perfumes, dyes and polishes.

This pack comes with:

  • Forty-five puzzles divided into nine levels
  • Twelve potion ingredients
  • An instruction manual
  • Printable pdf’s for table tops and digital images for virtual table top play

Potion puzzles are easily added to any role playing game that contains magic.

How it works:

Potion brewing is an ancient art practiced by witches, druids, priests and wizards alike. It is one of the most powerful branches of magic for within it lie not only the secrets to creating potions, but the creation of all magic items.

First, the GM (or players) choose a type of potion and magical effect they want to study. Then, players  search for clues to the potion recipe. Clues are often found in libraries, as treasure, through divination, experimentation or even theft.

Once players have collected al the required clues, they must formulate a recipe and gather ingredients. Powerful potions typically have rare ingredients. Potions are always created from a combination of four different plants and each plant must be prepared in a different way.

Finally, they can brew the potion. If they prepare the potion correctly, it works. If not… let’s say potion brewing is a dangerous business.

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