D&D Puzzle Encounters: Taking Brainbashing to the Next Level

In Dungeons & Dragons there are two types of encounters that are both great fun; Puzzles and Combat. And D&D puzzle encounters contain both which is double the fun. In this article we’ll combine the best of both words to create an amazing encounter your player will not soon forget.

D&D Dwarven Puzzles and How To Create Them

If you are looking to find some Dwarven Puzzles for your D&D game, you’ve come to the right place. In this article I’ll show you my readymade dwarven puzzles and how to create your own custom puzzles for your D&D game.

How To Get Your Friends To Play D&D

You have entered the wonderful world of Dungeons and Dragons. And you’re all set to play a fantastic game. There is just one thing missing… Friends. Sound familiar? Here are my personal tips for how I get my friends to play D&D.

Can a Dungeon Master Be a Player?

As a Dungeon Master I’ve found there are many occasions where I wanted to be a player as well. If only to steer away my players from certain doom. But can a Dungeon Master be a player?