The Book of Puzzles

Introducing The Book of Puzzles!

Unlock a world of puzzles and enrich your gaming experience with the Book of Puzzles, your gateway to the most extensive collection of fully illustrated puzzles for RPGs worldwide.

What is the Book of Puzzles?

— The Book of Puzzles is the Companion Guide to puzzle bundle, a massive collection of puzzle packs that were created over the course of many years. —

Not only do all packs in the puzzle bundle come with scores of premade puzzles; some packs are also complete puzzle systems that allow you to create an infinite amount of puzzles with ease. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly searching for puzzles. With this collection, you will have a treasure throve of puzzles for your campaigns to last you for a lifetime of GMing.

A Companion Guide you say?

The Book of Puzzles, ironically, doesn’t contain any puzzles! Those are all in the puzzle bundle. What the book does do, is teach you how to:

  • Use the puzzle packs more effectively
  • Run more exciting puzzles in your game
  • Embed puzzles in your campaign world so they make sense
  • Challenge players and their characters
  • Encourage teamwork and involve everyone at the table
  • Avoid pitfalls like getting stuck
  • Combine puzzles with other challenges
  • Layer and link puzzle challenges
  • Lay out puzzles in a dungeon
  • Structure your campaign with puzzles

In short: with the Book of Puzzles as a Companion Guide, you will be able to do much more with the hundreds of puzzles that come with Puzzle Bundle. The Book of Puzzles is only available with the Puzzle Bundle.

$19.99 USD